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Magazine Coverage of the CBF

Director Len Tashman has been a contributor in recent publications covering forecasting issues:

Insight magazine article on forecasting software contains some of Len Tashman’s Forecasting Tips. The article, “Crystal Ball Logic,” written by Robert J. Derocher, and published in the December 2001/January 2002 issue of Insight, describes how accounting and financial professionals can benefit from modern forecasting software packages.


“Meet the Prophets—Prominent analysts explain their forecasting methods.” The Spring 2002 Catalyst special issue on forecasting is a comprehensive look into new strategies and new resources for forecasting and marketing research. The article contains interviews with Kathryn Hale of Gartner Associates, Hans Timmer of the World Bank, William Loomis of Legg Mason, Graham Molitor of the World Future Society, Martin Hayward of the Henley Centre and Len Tashman of the Center for Business Forecasting.


Time magazine's “Global Business” insert describes how smaller firms can use forecasting software to predict demand and cut costs. The article, entitled “A New Crystal Ball” and written by Laird Harrison, can be found in the “Global Business” insert of the April 22, 2002 issue of Time, p. B23, and online at: