Client Testimonials

Our seminar participants and consulting clients come from every level and type of business from around the world. We are proud to offer a few of their comments:

“We all had a wonderful time at the forecast seminar and learned quite a bit. I think it was most refreshing to know that we aren’t alone in this forecasting business, and that others have the same questions and issues we have experienced. I want to thank you again for sharing your knowledge, and for all the help and effort you provided in bringing us up to speed with the latest forecasting software and methodologies. I truly enjoyed all of your classes. Thank you!”

Brooke Cole,

“I took your course on ‘Forecasting and Dynamic Regression’ about 10 years ago, and it still is the best thing I’ve seen for the main ideas and principles of business forecasting.”

Bruce Elsheimer, PhD, 
SAS Institute

“I really enjoyed the seminar and have been able to apply a great deal of what I learned to the Forecasting team here at American Express Global New Accounts. Thanks.”

Justin Hendrix,
American Express Global New Accounts

“Excellent combination of theory and hands-on.”

Rick Bollig, Financial Analyst
U.S. Postal Service

“Every phase of this course was extremely helpful.”

Tommy Lee, Asst. VP for Forecasting
Nations Bank Card Services

“Good overview of all forecasting techniques followed by examples explained in a very understandable manner.”

Manzoor Chowdhury
Sprint Corporation

“All phases were helpful — it’s good to understand every area to know why it may or may not be appropriate for my situation.”

Tricia Fuhrman, Space Analyst,

“An excellent class and instructor. Clear, concise, and highly applicable to our business needs.”

Jay Minnucci, Director of Consulting,
Incoming Calls Management Institute (ICMI)
Accountants and Management Consultants

“I would take any course that Len teaches. His coverage in a layperson's viewpoint and presentation skills are great!”

George Krull Jr, Partner, Grant Thornton LLP,
Accountants and Management Consultants

“I wanted to pass on all the comments — the consensus was that you were an excellent instructor and everyone learned from the class.”

Terri Snyder, Call Center Supervisor,
The Hartford

“Len succeeded in bringing the material down to our level. Very applicable. Not overly theoretical. Excellent.”

Roelant Verbeek, Senior Marketing Analyst,

“The hands-on work with the software and review of the concepts were most helpful!”

Ron Kollnoff, OR Analyst,
U.S. Army

“Len was outstanding!!! did not expect the course to be half as good. He is a gifted teacher.”

Mario Martinez, Dep't of Economics,
CA State University – Long Beach

“I really enjoyed your course. We will definitely be incorporating some of the techniques here at PECO Energy.”

Eric Levin
PECO Energy Co.